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There have already been numerous English to Indonesian translators available in the Internet in order to fulfill generally important and urgent jobs. Please realize that each nation has differences in various aspects of life, including language, where the language barrier between individuals from different nations often hinders employment relationships.

Indeed, English has since long served as an Internationally-spoken language. However, there are still so many people unable to master it completely. Just using simple English in non-formal situations is relatively easier than using it in formal situations. This sort of condition is one of the reasons why you are encouraged to use the services of an English to Indonesian translator.

So, how do we select the best English to Indonesian translator? This article will specifically discuss it where you might be confused. For more info, please take a look at the following review.

• Holds an Official Translator CertificateAn excellent English to Indonesian translator should hold a certificate issued by an official institution, either from Indonesia or abroad. Given the recognition embodied in the form of certificate, then a translator has actually passed various competency and qualification tests by international standards.

In addition, a certified English to Indonesian translator has usually been sworn so that in performing one’s job as a translator, one will always exercise caution or, in other words, by International standards, the resulting translation of which will be recognized by official institutions, e.g. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies, and foreign enterprises.

• Possesses a High Level of Professionalism
Indicators for measuring the level of professionalism of an English to Indonesian translator may be seen from how much experience one posseses as a translator, the greater experience the better it will be. In addition, an official certificate held by a translation service agency will become an added value in measuring its overall quality.
A certified translator is definitely more professional than a regular translator passing a language proficiency test without undergoing an official examination held by an authorized body.

A professional English to Indonesian translator will be able to accurately and promptly translate different kinds of texts, from legal documents, books, papers, literary works, literatures, articles, up to website pages. It means that an experienced translator may be able to modify words and expressions in a language for various purposes and objectives.
Isn’t English vocabulary rich with different usages? Therefore, the function of a foreign language translator is more capable in translating a language.

Why Are Certified Translators Costly?
As we know that becoming a professional and experienced translator is not easy, as one must attend specific English education and clock in long working hours. We can safely assume that the profession as an English to Indonesian translator falls into the category of professional occupation.

As is the case with physicians, lawyers up to architects, reliable translators are few in numbers. Even an English degree graduate does not necessarily have the qualifications needed to become a translator. So you can imagine that the profession as a translator is highly exclusive.

On the recommendation of the Indonesian Association of Translators, the normal rate of English to Indonesian translation for one page is IDR150,000.00. However, at Anindyatrans, you only need to pay IDR60,000.00 per page for the Indonesian-English pair with the best quality. The rates will definitely be different for other language pairs, depending on the complexity of a language. is an English to Indonesian translation service provider whose credibility has been recognized, with lots of clients from various backgrounds satisfied with the resulting translation in different languages, from English, Chinese, Japanese, up to Dutch.

Thus, the article on how to select the best quality English to Indonesian translator may only be found at Hopefully all information conveyed above may be useful and serve as a reference when planning to use the services of a translator.

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