express sworn translator office anindyatrans

Express Sworn Translator Office Anindyatrans

Anindyatrans, engaged in the world of sworn translation for 10 years, has been serving 8 (eight) languages i.e. English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish with branches in some regions of Indonesia, such as Medan, Batam, Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali and Makassar.

In addition to certified and sworn translation services, Anindyatrans also serves verbal translation or interpreting services, which are usually a follow-up to the written translation services for court proceedings.

Anindyatrans is a pioneer in fast sworn translation services because it has many branches in other provinces, making it easier for customers to immediately receive the translation results in the form of print outs.

Currently there are 5 (five) sworn translator associates of Anindyatrans, namely:

  1. Fikri Said Obet (English Sworn Translator)
  2. Ani Ahpat (Chinese Sworn Translator)
  1. Arief Maulany (Japanese Sworn Translator)
  2. Hamim Thohari Musa (Arabic Sworn Translator)
  3. Stanislaus Baruk (French Sworn Translator)

The types of document usually served are Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Licenses, Diplomas, Student Report Cards, Resident ID Cards, Family Cards, Agreements, Notarial Deeds, Feasibility Studies, Court Orders, etc.

For these types of document, Anindyatrans is able to get them done quickly or on average between 1 and 2 Business Days. This is due to the demand of clients who want documents to be translated fast, usually a sworn translation request comes from a lawyer’s office, i.e. materials for the court proceedings, or when the client is a foreign company so that all court proceedings and documents must be translated into a foreign language.

In the digital age, clients of Anindyatrans come from all over the world, especially Southeast Asian countries and this makes Anindyatrans known as an express sworn translator office.

Amid the tight competition in Indonesia’s sworn translation services, Anindyatrans is still struggling to become a major player in the sworn translation service industry by always providing fast and prompt service.

If you need sworn translation services in all major cities in Indonesia, please contact us via email at

We may not be the cheapest out there but we are definitely one of the fastest agencies because we have more than 8 (eight) branch offices in all regions of Indonesia.