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Anindyatrans Sworn Translator Office has more than 5 (five) years of experience providing translation in 8 (eight) languages i.e. English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, German, French, and Spanish with branches spread out in 8 (eight) large cities in all regions of Indonesia, namely, Medan, Batam, Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar.

The advancement of technology especially the internet has spoiled us, where it is now increasingly easy to find any desired services around our residence and this includes searching for a sworn translation office that is ready to provide fast, affordable and quality services.

In consideration of the foregoing, since 2012 Anindyatrans has opened branches in the cities above with the hope that we may be able to help our clients get sworn translation services in the city in which they live.

Before the digital era, sworn translation services are only available in large cities. This happed because in the ‘90s Sworn Translator Certificates could only issued to those holding a Jakarta Resident ID Card. However, since the formation of Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia/HPI (Indonesian Association of Translators) many large cities in Indonesia have enjoyed sworn translation services.

Anindyatrans as a pioneer in certified translation services operating in many cities in Indonesia and supported by numerous sworn translation experts in various languages, i..e English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, has always strived to provide fast, affordable, quality services and has established a long-standing business relationship with many renowned clients, such as Pertamina, Bank Indonesia, CIMB Niaga, Samsung Electronic Indonesia, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, BMW, etc.

The speed of services delivered by Anindyatrans is proven by hour count, i.e completion in 24 hours or even faster and at competitive rates because fees are calculated on a resulting page or word basis. This is done to answer the challenge of clients wishing to have their documents completed fast at affordable rates and with good quality.

If you ever need sworn translation services in the aforementioned cities, please do not hesitate to contact our hotline, which is ready to serve you from Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00, on WhatsApp 081310304594 or via email at anindyatrans1@gmail.com.