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It is necessary to know the fastest method of translating English to keep abreast of the times so that the public need for English increases each year. Given the existence of English, people coming from various parts of the globe with different language backgrounds may communicate so as to be able to directly ease their affairs, particularly after the effectuation of the free trade agreements, e.g. ASEAN Economic Community commencing on 2016.

Nowadays, it may be ascertained that virtually all schools in many countries make English a compulsory subject. This is an effort to address the demands of the corporate world that prefers applicants having an excellent command of English to applicants having no English competency.

Thus, it may be said that it is unfortunate that there are many of us who do not know how to translate English, even only one simple sentence. People should be accustomed to the use of English since early childhood so that when they grow up, they may at least speak English fluently. Then, how do we can accelerate the process of learning English as a second language? Please see the following description.

Logically, in order to be able to translate a language rapidly, we have to master the language directly, as language is a set of sentences, whilst a sentence consists of words structured by grammar rules. These are tips for translating English fast.

Understand Its Vocabulary

The first thing to learn is mastering its vocabulary. Where necessary, make a daily commitment to memorize the meaning of at least 5 English words. This method may, when applied diligently, improve your English skills drastically.

Or just get yourself used to watching English movies with English subtitle, so that if there are new unknown words, you can find a way to translate English. In addition, you may read English stories, which are vital to the accelerated mastery of the English vocabulary.

Master Its Grammar

A frequently asked question arises. Which one is more important: vocabulary or grammar when learning English? Actually, both are equally important. However, the master of vocabulary emphasizes more on the initial English learning process. Mastering numerous words and expressions means that we can construe the sentence or know how to translate English even without any knowledge of grammar.

It means that vocabulary is the most critical part of language mastery, and grammar serves as a complement with the purpose of improving the word structure of English. Usually someone who masters vocabulary will master grammar very fast, so you should learn vocabulary and grammar simultaneously.

Practice English More Often

After mastering both the vocabulary and the grammar, then we may do to the next step, i.e. practice and keep practicing. Why is this so important? Practice, either speaking, listening, writing and reading English, is the last piece of the puzzle. A theory without practice will not make the acquired knowledge last long, so practicing English must be done immediately after understanding a great deal of vocabulary and grammar.

Do not ever feel ashamed, as the more we practice, the better our English skills will be. Where necessary, join English-loving communities spread across the Internet and keep using English in your daily life so that the acquired knowledge will not fade so quickly.

If you want to translate English to multiple languages, you can use the language services provided by a reputable language service provider, such as Anindyatrans. Hopefully what has been conveyed above may be beneficial and insightful to all of us.

Thus, I have described some of the best methods of translating English and mastering it. Essentially, understand the context of a sentence through vocabulary and grammar to produce correct and high quality translation.