articles of incorporation by a sworn translator

Essentially, in respect of sworn translators, please understand that since the enactment of the Law No. 24/2009 on the National Flag, Language, Emblem and Anthem, the use of Indonesian languages has become mandatory as provided for in the provisions of Article 31 of the Law, which reads:

Paragraph (1):

“Bahasa Indonesia shall be used in any memorandum of understanding or agreement involving public institutions, government agencies of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesian private entities or Indonesian individuals”.

Paragraph (2):

“The memorandum of understanding or agreement as referred to in paragraph (1) involving any foreign entity shall also be drafted in the national language of the foreign entity and/or in English.”

On the other hand, upon establishment of a Foreign Investment Company, for the first time the founders of the Foreign Investment Company must file an application with the Investment Coordinating Board for investment registration, i..e by completing the application form as set forth in the Appendix to Regulation of the Head of Investment Coordinating Board No. 12 of 2009 on the Guidelines and Procedures for Investment Application (“Regulation of the Head of Investment Coordinating Board No. 12/2009”).

In the Regulation of the Head of Investment Coordinating Board No. 12/2009, it is mentioned, among other things, that in order to establish a Foreign Investment Company, it is necessary to enclose various documents, i.e. a copy of the Articles of Association in English or the translation thereof in Bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator for the applicant in case of a foreign entity. Furthermore, please check out the Establishment of a Foreign Investment Company.

Basically, translation of the Articles of Incorporation by a sworn translation service provider is for the sake of correctness and accuracy of meaning of the translated document. Each sworn translator may be deemed competent, as a sworn translator must take a Qualified Translator Exam and pass the exam with the final score of  80 (A grade). Only then can a successful examinee be sworn as a Sworn Translator. The oath taking ceremony shall then be performed by the Governor of DKI Jakarta. Afterwards, a Decree on the appointment of the translator as a Sworn Translator shall be issued. Futhermore, please check out the Procedures for Becoming a Sworn Translator.

What do they mean by \”sworn\” translation? (Being independent)

A sworn translator is actually someone who has been appointed and authorized by a court (in some countries the Ministry of Justice or Foreign …