Looking for a sworn translation Jakarta service? Make sure the translators possess these five important skills before you hire them.

Professional translators, including the sworn ones, have a set of specific skills that support their works. Sworn translation Jakarta service, for example, deals with projects in various fields such as law, business, education, and technology. Therefore, the translators need more than the ability to replace language A with B when working on documents.

Here are five important skills all professional and sworn translators have.

  1. Writing Skill
    When translating documents, translators need to create a seamless reading experience for readers that use the target language. Flawless writing skill is necessary to make the translated documents and easy to read and understand.
  2. Cultural Knowledge
    Cultural context is important in translation works, especially since society influences the way people use languages. It is essential to grasp the translation context, implication, and significance. Sworn translation Jakarta service like Anindyatrans is based on a country with diverse cultural aspects, so the translators are used to apply cultural understanding in their works.

  3. Language Research Skill
    Professional translators conduct research continuously. They look for the accurate meaning of words and phrases, popular sayings, formal names and abbreviations, and language trends. They make sure that each translation makes sense and has good quality.

  4. Technical Skill
    Technical skill includes a good command of various tools. While good translators often use more natural methods, translation tools are still necessary for certain complicated or technical projects. CAT and Trados are the popular examples of translation tools professional translators use.

  5. Organization and Communication Skills
    Professional translators must have soft skills, especially organization and communication. The former helps in managing multiple projects to finish them on time, and the latter is to keep a good professional relationship with their customers and other important people in their fields.

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