Virtual events, such as meetings and conferences, have become the norm in this era. Certified interpreter Jakarta serves as an important language bridge during such events, especially when including international speakers or participants. However, arranging virtual events needs detailed preparation, especially if you work with multiple interpreters.

Here are some tips for arranging successful virtual events with professional interpreters.

  1. Share All the Materials
    Every certified interpreter Jakarta needs to conduct research before seamlessly translating words during an event. You can help by sharing all the materials and, if possible, timestamps. Interpreters can work with bridging communication gaps more easily at events if they already know the materials to cover, especially if they involve technical vocabulary.
  2. Create Clear Briefing
    If your event incorporates several interpreters speaking different languages, make sure to create a clear communication briefing. Inform the participants beforehand how to choose the interpreters that speak their languages. Share your system with the interpreters so they can provide their services to the right audiences.

  3. Mitigate the Risks
    Unexpected problems may arise during a virtual event, and they need to be handled quickly. Make sure to mitigate all possible risks, including communication problems. Conduct check sound with all the interpreters 15 minutes before the event. Provide the participants with all the interpreters’ contact numbers and accounts. You can also make a special troubleshooting forum and message link to quickly address possible problems during the event. You should also share risk management strategies to interpreters.

  4. Consider Interpreters as Partners
    Interpreters are your partners during virtual events. Make sure to communicate freely with them, be a meticulous timekeeper, and pay attention to the participants to detect things like confusion, misunderstanding, and technical problems. Include interpreters since before the event to create a seamless virtual experience for everyone involved.

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