If you feel sick of working for someone else and get the same amount every month and you want to make on your own income as an entrepreneur and running a small business in different atmosphere, but not sure how to get started with that? you ought to think wisely and don’t you ever try to make the leap all at once, advises Joanne Cleaver, author of The Career Lattice.


She said that you should consider creating an entrepreneurial venture that will encompass all those ambitions, however caution:

  • You should understand that such ambition must start small so as to ensure proper structures are laid.
  • It will require patience as well as an excellent financial plan in place to cater for your physiological needs e.g. food, shelter, recreation e.t.c.
  • It will require extreme prudence and caution in the choice of business opportunity.
  • Running such an entrepreneurial venture requires constant up date of business techniques, so as to be equipped for the challenges that comes with such a venture.

Meanwhile, the incumbent employee has the following to traits:

  • Your commitments to your present place of employment and thereby is always limited by time.
  • As a result of your commitments to paid employment already affected to your lifestyle as well as to your family is tied to it.
  • In experience of managing an entrepreneurial venture given the above limitations, it is depend on your belief which any individual that fall within this genre and is contemplating entrepreneurship has the following at the back of your mind.

It is always hard to decide whether you have to facing this entrepreneurship challenges or stay with your fix income and dealing with the increasing expenses month by month in order to make yourself obtain unlimited income as you wish.