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Sworn Translation Office in Jakarta in Jakarta for English Chinese Japanese Korean Arabic German Spanish Dutch French Russian Italian Vietnamese Thai Burmese.
Located at the heart of Jakarta opens 24/7 Hotline +62218452261 E-mail: anindyatrans1@gmail.com Whatsapp +62818650830 also has branches in 7 other major cities in Indonesia i.e. Batam, Bekasi, Bogor, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali.

Anindyatrans has been trusted by many prominent names such as the Ministry of Finance, the Croatian Embassy in Jakarta, Samsung, CIMB, Shell, Pertamina, etc. Anindyatrans provides information exchange between the first party and its counterpart. Any mistake in information exchange may spell trouble for the negotiation process. Furthermore, the client may misunderstand such information and the contract between two parties may be terminated. Of course people do not want this event to occur. Especially if the negotiation is held by an International counterpart that needs more than one language for its operational process. Language for the information media sometimes gives rise to different issues.

It is not difficult to find a sworn translation office in Jakarta. A client can do it easily by using a search engine or by through connections or relations. Now it may pose another question, how do we choose a competent sworn translation office in Jakarta from the available choices? Experience and skill, including but not limited to the quality and speed thereof are important factors to consider.


A competent sworn translation office in Jakarta has skilled and experienced translators familiar to the methods of translating documents perfectly, being either interpreters or mediators between both parties and performing their work with an excellent quality. The translator’s speed is also an important point in getting sworn translation service documents just as the client wants it to be. Sometimes one or more clients may want a sworn translation office in Jakarta that can work according to their business schedule. Therefore, a sworn translation service office needs to manage its staff in order to be able to work promptly.

A sworn translation office in Jakarta will arrange its team of translators by ability, field and at the client’s request. By doing so, for example, if a client needs a sworn translation office in Jakarta he/she will not engage the service of a translator who has no idea about the subject matter. A translator’s skills and field also determines the translation documents and the client’s satisfaction. Therefore, choose an excellent sworn translation office in Jakarta that has skilled staff properly in order to obtain fine results.

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“The requirement of carrying an original unabridged birth certificate, or a certified copy thereof, as well as a sworn translation if needed, acts as an additional hurdle that damages our competitiveness as a destination. It creates a barrier to entry

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    1. yes we do.
      Rp.100,000/page for non sworn translation
      Rp.150,000/page for sworn translation

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