Translating a document requires a high level of accuracy. Professional document translator Jakarta services, such as Anindyatrans, guarantee accurate, seamless, high-quality results for every translation job. Aside from translating documents into target languages, professional translators also use different techniques to check the quality of translation.


Here are several methods used by professional document translators to review their works.


1.    Checking the Accuracy and Grammatical Aspects

Literal accuracy and grammatical aspects are the surface parts of translation quality checking. Professional document translator Jakarta needs to find the accurate meaning of words, phrases, and terms. They must also make sure that the sentences are grammatically correct, and all the information (dates, numbers, names) are typed correctly.


2.    Checking the Expression Quality

Sentences deliver not only information but also expression. Professional translators will check if the documents they translate deliver the smoothest, most natural expressions in target languages. There must be no ambiguity, awkward parts, and even accidental double entendre. Also, sentences in formal documents must not be an open misinterpretation.


3.    Checking the Main Information

Documents deliver specific information that the readers or recipients must understand clearly. Above the technical aspects, professional translators must ensure that the main information is delivered. The sentences must be efficient and clear, with a strong focus on the most important parts.


In formal documents, the “main information” aspect also covers formal abbreviations and official formal names. Translators must know the formal name translations of various organizations, institutions, and official titles.


4.    Confirming with the Clients

Translators may contact the clients to discuss the content. The clients can give information about the context of the documents, the intended translation goal, and other information. They will become references for translators to create a more detailed, sophisticated translation.


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