Sworn Translation
Sworn Translation

Brief History of Translation in the West

Throughout the centuries, people believed that the story of the Tower of Babel in the Book of Genesis has a great relation with translation. It was narrated that the descendants of NoahRead More...

Sworn Translation

The Challenge of Translating Foreign Documents

The Challenge of Translating Foreign Documents Translating is one of the most challenging subject to be learned by both native and foreign learners. Translation itself is the communication of meaning of aRead More...

google translate anindyatrans
Sworn Translation

Google Translate Is So Famous? But Why?

The progress of the age gives more convenience to mankind, such as Google's technology that features an automatic multiple language translator, i.e. Google Translate. Its existence as an online English translator applicationRead More...

sworn english translation anindyatrans
Sworn Translation

3 English Translation Tips You Never Knew

It is necessary to know the fastest method of translating English to keep abreast of the times so that the public need for English increases each year. Given the existence of English,Read More...

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Sworn Translation

How to Hand-Pick the Best English to Indonesian Translator

There have already been numerous English to Indonesian translators available in the Internet in order to fulfill generally important and urgent jobs. Please realize that each nation has differences in various aspectsRead More...

comparison between sworn translators and regular translators
Sworn Translation

Differences between Sworn Translators and Regular Translators

  Are There Differences Between Sworn Translators and Regular Translators? Customers may assume that there is no difference between good translators. Professional translators speak languages perfectly; they have stellar grammar skills; theyRead More...

articles of incorporation by a sworn translator
Sworn Translation

Is It Necessary to Have the Articles of Incorporation Translated by a Sworn Translator?

Essentially, in respect of sworn translators, please understand that since the enactment of the Law No. 24/2009 on the National Flag, Language, Emblem and Anthem, the use of Indonesian languages has becomeRead More...